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The Capital Mineral Club will be meeting on April 4th, 2015 at the Salvation Army Building at the corner of Fruit Street and Clinton Street in Concord NH at 2:00pm.

April Presentation: Recent New Hampshire Mineral Finds

By Tom Mortimer

Tom has been field collecting New England minerals for the past 41 years and is an amateur mineral enthusiast. Even without formal training in mineralogy or geology, (retired electrical engineer) he has learned much about the subject as a result of "hands on" experience. Tom was a member of the Nashua Mineral Society from 1974 until its disbandment in 2010 and have been an active member of Micromounters of New England since 1984 as well as a member of the Capital Mineral Club. He attributes a great deal of his knowledge from his association with these clubs. His other interests include hobbyist electronics and woodworking. All Tom's hobby interests have converged on his New Hampshire Mineral Species Display project. This display is presently on long-term loan to the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center in Concord, NH. It is the most compre-hensive display of New Hampshire minerals ever assembled, containing examples of 258 distinct NH species. Photos of this display and of over 1600 specimens in his New Hampshire collection may be seen at http://mindatnh.org

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